Saddlebilled Stork

Sandhill Cranes

Scarlet Ibis

Secretary Bird

Spectacled Owl

Sunbittern Superb Starlings

Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Violet Back Starlings

White-crested Laughing Thrush

White-headed Buffalo Weaver

White Stork

Golden-Breasted Starling


Fairy Bluebird

Emerald Starlings

Embden Goose

Crested Wood Partridge

Crested Screamer

Common Trumpeter

Common Barn Owl

Cinereous Vulture

Chiloe Wigeon

Chilean Flamingo

Beautiful Fruit Dove

Bantam Chicken

Double-wattled Cassowary

Demoiselle Crane

Chestnutmandible Toucan

Buff-Crested Bustard

Brown Pintail

Brown Pelican

Blue-faced Honeyeater

Blue-bellied Roller

Blue and Yellow Macaw

Black-necked Swan

Black Swan

Roseate Spoonbill

Ringed Teal

Tawny Frogmouth

Banded Rail

Bamboo Partridge

Bald Eagle

American Kestrel Falcon

American Flamingo


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