Last Love later

i will love u until the last breath in my chest even if u stop talking to me ,,,
ill be always in love with u ,,,, and nothing will change that ,,,, u my life love ,,, we one heart one soul ,,, even death cant stop that feeling inside me ,,, because my love is stronger than years ,,, stronger than people ,,, stronger than the destance between us ,,, remember there is heart always live for u ,,, live in ur love ,,, ur love my breath my life ,,, ur love all what i had on this life ,,, ur love will be always with me like my shadow ,,, ill drink and eat ans breath and live with ur love ,,, ur love my soul feed ,,, only god know what will happen to me when we will stop talking ,,, ill be body without feeling or life ,,, ill be dead body after u my love ,,, i loved u and i love u and i will love u for ever .

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